International House of Prayer Northwest

IHOP-NW Exalting Jesus Flyer


The mission of International House of Prayer Northwest is to establish night and day intercessory worship for the return of Jesus in preparation of establishing His Kingdom on the earth. International House of Prayer Northwest will train and mobilize worshiping intercessors that operate in the forerunner spirit as end-time prophetic messengers.

The goal is to build a missions base which will set a context for night and day prayer and worship in the Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Rim. Creating an atmosphere of prayer and worship will accelerate the physical return of Jesus to the earth. Jesus’ return is dependent upon the prayers of this generation according to Matthew 23:37-39 and Revelation 22:17.

Our focus is on the replication and amplification of the simple promise of scripture to encourage the seeking of God in humility, prayer and worship via a global network of houses of prayer, including many throughout the Pacific Northwest.