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SHS Baccalaureate Service 2013

I was given the honor of being chosen as this year’s keynote speaker for Sunnyside’s Baccalaureate graduation service. The Christian-based service, which focuses on blessing and commissioning high school graduates for their lives of service to God, took place on Thursday, June 6th. It was a wonderful experience, for which I was very thankful. I addressed the 30+ graduates present about their calling in life. Using the passage of John 1:43-51, I focused on three principles: (1) God finds us, but also wants to be “found” by us, (2) we are invited to “come and see”, to experience God personally, and (3) Jesus says “Follow Me”, which means that our ultimate calling in life is to follow God–to know Him and to love Him.¬†From the realization of this, we are free to follow God and to serve Him through personal relationship, not through religion. This calling also brings purpose to all other parts of our lives.

I pray that many young lives were encouraged in God through my words.

If you would like to see the video recording of my sermon, please click here.