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Jesus Will Set Every Captive Free

As I drove to the house of prayer this morning, I had a sense that God wanted to take me deeper into His heart concerning human trafficking. As a friend of God, he wants to share with me His burdens just as I long to commune with Him in that place. When I arrived to the house of prayer, I grabbed my notebook and retreated to a back corner of the prayer room where I could focus on listening to Him. I was expecting to grieve and mourn at the oppression of those in trafficking situations throughout our area, but that’s not exactly what happened over the next two and a half hours of encounter.

While praying I was listening to one of my favorite albums, “Hold On: Music Inspired By Nefarious, The Documentary”. The song “Every Captive Free” started playing, and something clicked in my heart. I knew that this was God’s message concerning the injustice of human trafficking. The song is brilliant and beautiful, written from the perspective of Jesus in Isaiah 60 and 61. Here are the lyrics:

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me

Because He has anointed me to preach good news

To take away all of your sorrow and your mourning

To give the oil of joy and a garment of praise

For I have seen you in your captivity

And I will open up every prison door

So arise! And shine forth, your light has come

And my glory is rising upon you

And I am dancing over you, I am singing over you

Songs of deliverance

And I will set every captive free

And you will be with me, for you are mine

All at once the revelation started flowing. I began to hear God’s declarations over the exploited. YOU ARE MINE, says the Lord! Great is His zeal.

I became overwhelmed. His love is so great. His zeal. His tenderness, His gentleness. His mercy. His kindness. What a wonderful Father! He’s a redeemer. Oh, His great love! All these things that I knew about God were becoming a real experience in that moment.

I then imagined Jesus, full of joy. He’s a glad worker, and a mighty warrior! I could see Jesus Himself dancing over victims of prostitution. He’s singing over them, so tenderly. What a picture of love! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is zealous over these daughters. He doesn’t consider Himself too high for them, or they too low for Him. God knows the strength of His own redemptive power. He delights in these young women because He sees how He created them, and He knows what they will be. He is not afraid that His blood can’t cover them, for His grace is sufficient. His desire is so strong. I can hear him praying John 17:24 over them, asking the Father that they would be with Him where He is, to behold His glory. And His prayers will be answered; His zeal and His strength will accomplish it.

I then heard a declaration over my own life: Being the King, He has made all resources available to ┬áme (the power of the Holy Spirit) for accomplishing this task with Him. Jesus is laying everything out for me to use– He sacrificed His very life for the sake of redemption. Great is His desire to see her, redeemed and glorious! And what an honor for me, what a joy!

Can you imagine the joy of Jesus when He sees His victorious and beautiful bride?! Truly, how great His joy will be on that day! We will be in love with Him, in awe of His beauty and His ability to make us beautiful. We will worship Him forever, and rightly so!

What a God we have. He is a God justice, and He will set every captive free.

Listen to “Every Captive Free” here.


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