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Update- June 16

Hi! I don’t have very long, but I’ll tell you a few stories. A week ago we stopped by a city called Bloemfontein to join with a local ministry who’s been ministering to prostitutes and trafficked people for the past 4 years. These people are SO bold, saying that they will do whatever they need to do, even if it changes only one life. So we hit the streets with them for something of a training night for us. We watched them pull women out of sports bars and have us talk with them and pray for them. The experience was a little frightening, but so encouraging. Other members of my team were part of taking a woman home that night. The woman went home to her husband and found that that night he had gotten a job- their finances were turning around, she won’t need to go to the streets anymore!!! They weren’t really Christians before, but were so open to the Gospel that they accepted Christ into their lives that night.
We’ve also talked with many homeless people, more prostitutes, children who are probably trafficked, and fans that we’ve talked to about Jesus and human trafficking. It’s been very fruitful so far, and I’m so excited for more.
Today, we’re going to visit a safe house where trafficked women are staying, and go to the stadium here in Durban to raise awareness and minister. We’re also hitting the streets tonight to minister to prostitutes and their pimps and Johns.
Please be praying for our health (people are on the verge of getting sick), unity as a team, and continued prayers for our safety. It’s been incredible how God has worked out our safety through all we’ve done. He’s given wonderful strategy and kept our eyes keen. When I am afraid, I will trust in him!!!
I love you and miss you, and be sure to say a cheer for South Africa! I don’t know if American TV tells you this, but their team name is Bafana Bafana (the guys the guys), and the loud horn things you hear are called vuvuzelas (really annoying after a while here…), and the way to cheer in a goal here is shouting Laduma! (but you say it Laduuuuuuuuuuuuuma)


My first week in South Africa

Hello everybody! Sorry it took me so long to get on, it didn’t want to let me sign on in South Africa… 🙂
My first week in South Africa has been wonderful. My first night in Kansas City with my teammate Amy was awesome. Jaye Thomas (amazing worship leader) came over for dinner, then we went to the Awakening at IHOP-KC where God touched me in so many ways. I also saw Trisha, who I met in Tacoma 6 weeks before and Kim Cross. It was so cool to see so many people I knew or recognized in that atmosphere, while fellowshipping with genuine people that I had never seen before.
The flight went pretty well, I think I slept most of the 4 of us, and jetlag wasn’t too terrible.
The first week has been filled with struggles, spiritual battles, and so many triumphs! All of our team instantly clicked, and we care for each other very well. All praise to God!
Quick stories:
Two nights ago our team joined a ministry in Bloemfontein to minister to prostitutes and trafficked women. I prayed with a girl named Sophia, and she was struggling to hold back tears. Shadrack, one of the South Africans, told me that this was the universal love language, and she understood it. I was so encouraged and humbled.
More stories next time I can log on! Gotta go, bye!

Leaving tomorrow!!!

Hello all! I’m leaving for Kansas City tomorrow, where I will meet up with 3 girls from my trip. We’ll leave for Africa together Friday morning.
I’m very excited (and a little nervous), and have A LOT to do before then.
Please be praying for safe travels, and that we are able to adjust to the time and climate of South Africa well, and that our mission will be accomplished. I love you all, and will miss you!
Thanks to every body for all your support.
God bless!