Spiritual Preparations, pt. 2

God is so good. Through His grace, I was able to recognize all the struggles mentioned in the last blog as not a personal problem, but a spiritual problem. With that, I took these realizations to God and broke them off me. I noticed that throughout that day, my joy had come back. I had fun at my really long shift at work, and had really great talks with my coworkers about God. It’s amazing what happens when one addresses the fights of the spiritual. I’m going to need those skills in South Africa.
Finals week went pretty well. I had a lot to do, and not much time to do it. I wrote two papers, gave a presentation, conducted an interview and attended one, and took two exams.
Currently, I’m at home in Sunnyside resting and hanging out with my family. I went to my home church (Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran Church) yesterday and was commissioned and blessed by them. That was a really great experience, collecting hugs and best wishes from my (church) family. My home church helped raise me and teach me, so it was really important for me to have their support.
I was given another $110, which brings my total remaining to $500. I know I’m cutting it really close financially, but if I weren’t I wouldn’t have the story that I’m about to tell… Trusting Him always makes for a great story!

For those of you out there who are interested in supporting me financially, my family will be collecting my mail and depositing donations sent to the following addresses: PO Box 105, Sunnyside, WA 98944 OR 14517 Spanaway Loop Rd S, Tacoma, WA 98444. The last $450 that I need will be used during the trip, so donations collected between now and July will still be needed and used.
Thank you to all who are reading this and are interested in this area of justice. By supporting me, you’re supporting a movement of young, fiery-hearted Christians who want justice ON HIS TERMS. This concept is key to how effective I will be in my career in Social Work- in my power, I can only bring about small, fleeting victories in justice. But with God’s power, I can move mountains.


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