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Yes, victory! A news report came out today that 21 Thai women between the ages of 23-27 who are believed to have been smuggled into South Africa for the purposes of forced prostitution have been rescued today from an illegal brothel. One man has been arrested, and all the involved are scheduled for questioning.
Just think, these 21 women will not have to go through the horrors of being sold several times a day during the World Cup. That’s a victory, and it came through our prayers.
Keep praying, He’s answering!!!

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Spiritual Preparations, pt. 2

God is so good. Through His grace, I was able to recognize all the struggles mentioned in the last blog as not a personal problem, but a spiritual problem. With that, I took these realizations to God and broke them off me. I noticed that throughout that day, my joy had come back. I had fun at my really long shift at work, and had really great talks with my coworkers about God. It’s amazing what happens when one addresses the fights of the spiritual. I’m going to need those skills in South Africa.
Finals week went pretty well. I had a lot to do, and not much time to do it. I wrote two papers, gave a presentation, conducted an interview and attended one, and took two exams.
Currently, I’m at home in Sunnyside resting and hanging out with my family. I went to my home church (Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran Church) yesterday and was commissioned and blessed by them. That was a really great experience, collecting hugs and best wishes from my (church) family. My home church helped raise me and teach me, so it was really important for me to have their support.
I was given another $110, which brings my total remaining to $500. I know I’m cutting it really close financially, but if I weren’t I wouldn’t have the story that I’m about to tell… Trusting Him always makes for a great story!

For those of you out there who are interested in supporting me financially, my family will be collecting my mail and depositing donations sent to the following addresses: PO Box 105, Sunnyside, WA 98944 OR 14517 Spanaway Loop Rd S, Tacoma, WA 98444. The last $450 that I need will be used during the trip, so donations collected between now and July will still be needed and used.
Thank you to all who are reading this and are interested in this area of justice. By supporting me, you’re supporting a movement of young, fiery-hearted Christians who want justice ON HIS TERMS. This concept is key to how effective I will be in my career in Social Work- in my power, I can only bring about small, fleeting victories in justice. But with God’s power, I can move mountains.

Spiritual Preparations

Boy, these last couple weeks have been hard! Despite me KNOWING that it’s God’s plan for me to go on this trip, I’ve been struggling in many areas- time management, humility, and joyfulness. It’s been extremely difficult to focus on schoolwork when all I want to do is plan, pack, and make phone calls for my trip. I’ve had to confront my thoughts when I would notice self-exalting thoughts and feelings. God is so faithful and gentle to remind me that this trip is NOT ABOUT ME, but about Him and His mercy and glory. I feel like my joyfulness has been attacked as well. Of course, I have had times of joy, but have been finding lately that many of my reactions to things have been very negative. This is not me!
In a time when his joy would be my strength, how convenient is it for the enemy that I wouldn’t be able to feel it! In a time when humility is required to demonstrate the power of God, it would be fitting for me to be haughty. In a time when getting into the quiet place is so essential, it works out pretty well for my enemy that I have too much on my plate.
Isn’t God’s mercy so great! Even in times of struggle, he’s faithful to reveal what I’m struggling against so that I can defeat it in his name! Ahahaaa, I have the victory in Christ Jesus! He gives me everything I need. He is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

Fundraising Testimony Nugget!

A really cool testimony to share with you:
I was talking to my prayer buddy at church, the sweetest lady I’ve ever met. She tells me she prays for me every day, and I believe her! I told her all about the trip on Sunday, and before I was done explaining, her face lit up, and she asked if she could write me a check for $20. She told me she knew it wasn’t much, but it was what she could give, and she knew that God would multiply it.
The next day, I talked with two of my brothers who both told me they could give around $200. Then Tuesday at Ignite, friends donated $200 of checks and cash! And today, I was told that donated textbooks had sold for $120, and I received two donations that totaled $90. So today another $210 came in! It is so cool how God works. He’s got this whole thing figured out, and I just get to enjoy watching the process.

Financial Update!

So I sent off my final payment to Exodus Cry today! Yippee! However, I paid for my time in South Africa separately from my plane ticket, which is a personal transaction. I borrowed $2000 from my Dad to buy my plane ticket, and still need $1500 in order to leave for Africa on June 3rd debt-free.
With the final preparations coming together, it seems like costs are popping up all over, yet I still trust that God is my provider and I will be provided for.

Soon to be in South Africa!!!

It’s not too long now, and I’ll be on my way to South Africa! Tomorrow starts Dead Week (week before finals) here at PLU, and it’s been challenging trying to balance schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and trip preparations. But through God’s grace, things have been coming together on all sides!

The following is a description of my trip:
Exodus Cry is “an international anti-trafficking organization committed to abolishing modern day slavery and assisting the victims of human trafficking and slavery through rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration into society” ( With this mission, they are organizing a trip to South Africa during the World Cup this summer to pray for the ending of human trafficking and justice for the victims. Another purpose of the trip is to minister to the trafficked and to raise awareness about the horrors of sex tourism. It is estimated that as many as 100,000 young women and children will be trafficked into South Africa to service the massive amounts of tourists in the region at this time, and an estimated 40,000 are already present in preparation for this event.
Several factors contribute to this problem: (1) globalization that allows for easy transport of people, (2) global poverty levels that provoke women to sell themselves or their children in order to survive, and (3) the global demand for sex due to pornography viewing and the growing legitimacy of prostitution as a career.
Needless, to say, the issue is very complicated and emotionally-charged.